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Unlocking the power of coffee
for a better world

We believe that coffee is a unique ingredient with great potential and power. It can bring energy to people, cultures, local communities, and a wide variety of situations when people want to act. It can also bring comfort to those who are tired and need to take a break. We believe that coffee has the power to open all kinds of possibilities for people.

In addition, a single coffee bean goes through many processes, from the plant to a cup of coffee. In every step of the process, growing, harvesting, drying, roasting, blending, grinding, and brewing, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact for those involved today and for future generations.

Since its establishment in 1933, UCC Group has taken coffee seriously, inheriting the founding spirit of “delivering delicious coffee to as many people as possible, anytime, anywhere.”

We are involved in all coffee-related activities. From cultivation in producing countries, procurement of raw materials, research and development, roasting and processing, sales, quality assurance, to culture and education. We have always pursued new possibilities of coffee and created new values through coffee innovations never seen before, such as Japan’s first vacuum-packed regular coffee, the world’s first canned coffee, the only museum specialising in coffee, and the Coffee Academy, an educational institution dedicated to coffee.

The UCC Group is the only corporate group in the world that develops the entire coffee-related value chain globally and continues to focus on the best taste and enjoyment of coffee in each of its businesses.

“Unlocking the power of coffee for a better world”. We will continue to take on the challenge of creating value through coffee for a better world.

UCC Holdings Pte.Ltd.
Group CEO
Gota Ueshima