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UCC Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.
Representative Director-Chairman

Tatsushi Ueshima

The Coffee Company

Coffee was first brought to Japan in the 17th century; in the years since this first encounter, coffee has become an essential beverage for the Japanese.

Since its founding in 1933, UCC has been part of this long history as a creator and driving force for the coffee market and coffee culture in Japan. During that time, we have built a business that encompasses every aspect of coffee “from cup to seed”: We cultivate the seedlings on our coffee estates, import the beans as raw ingredients, roast the beans, sell coffee products, conduct quality assurance and R&D as well as promote coffee culture. UCC is the only coffee manufacturer in the world with this type of business model.

UCC was also first in the world to develop canned ready-to-drink coffee, while it was the first in Japan to launch vacuum packed coffee for brewing, and to open its own estate in the form of the Blue Mountain Coffee Estate, as well as to establish a coffee museum.

Indeed, looking back over UCC’s 80-year history, the Group has consistently made the most of all its world-class businesses with their upstream-to-downstream vertical integration to pursue the utmost in coffee quality, charting a course in which it has always been the first in the industry to try out something new.

UCC now offers a full line of high quality coffee products, including coffee for brewing, coffee beverages, single-serve coffee systems, and instant coffees, all of which are underpinned by the specialist knowledge, techniques, and expertise built up during the Group’s long history. Thus, guided by its corporate concept of being unrivalled as The Coffee Company, UCC meets the expectations of all types of customer, having extended its business domain to encompass every possible day-to-day setting, from the home, to cafe and restaurants, to offices, and elsewhere.

Looking ahead, our mission will remain unchanged will never change.—to please our customers by providing the highest levels of quality, safety and reliability, and enjoyment in coffee. Our aim in doing so will be to explore every possibility offered by the businesses that make up UCC’s unique “from cup to seed” structure in order to prompt the smile that only good coffee can evoke—the “Good Coffee Smile”—among our customers. We will continue striving to be The Coffee Company, pursuing every possibility to bring our customers more Good better Coffee for Smiles.