Top Message

We pursue all possibilities that
UCC group can do to make our
customers smile.

Since 1933, UCC Group has successfully maintained the spirit of our founder - “Deliver flavorful coffee to as many people as possible anytime and anywhere”. Throughout our long history, we have built the coffee business that encompasses every aspect of coffee from cultivation of coffee trees in the producer countries, procurement of materials, R&D, roasting & processing, sales, creating coffee culture, to quality assurance. Our constant pursuing of new potentials for coffee such as the nation’s first vacuum-packed ground coffee, world’s first canned coffee and Japan’s unique coffee shop styles has created new values for coffee that never existed before.

UCC Group’s network has been expanding not only in Japan but also over 20 countries and regions in Europe and Asia. We maintain the top market share in the entire coffee businesses for commercial-, home- and industrial-use in Japan.

UCC Group is the world’s only and unique company group that has globally expanded the consistent business model, “From cup to seed” while being persistent about the ultimate taste and pleasure of coffee in every aspect.

To fulfill the mission of our corporate principle —“Good Coffee Smile!”— we deliver fun, smile and delightful life experiences with flavorful coffee to consumers through our unique business model. We pledge to continue these efforts and make every attempt that can bring our customers “Good Coffee Smile!”

Group Chief Executive Officer
Gota Ueshima