Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

Unlocking the power of coffee for a better world.

Great things happen over coffee.
Coffee has incredible power. It motivates our mornings, stirs our senses, and gets the world moving. It sparks creativity and fosters collaboration. It enables precious moments of reflection and calm. We use the power of coffee to connect people, cultures, and communities everywhere – energising us to go further, achieve incredible things and be our best selves.
Coffee is a gift from nature.
From a simple green seed to your first sip – coffee goes on an incredible journey that spans the world. Planting, harvesting, drying, roasting, blending, grinding, brewing and serving – at every step, coffee touches lives and the environment around us. For the people we meet along the way, and future generations, our coffee can make a positive difference.
Our coffee makes you smile.
Happiness, friendship and celebration, great coffee has the power to enrich us, lift our mood and make the world smile. We bring people closer together, helping them flourish and making the world a friendlier, more joyful and compassionate place. So, whether that’s our customers, employees, communities, or the coffee drinkers of tomorrow, we aspire to spread happiness and create smiles everywhere we go.

Our Values

  1. 1. Focusing on everything about coffee

    We make the most of every cup of coffee in every way we can. We want the smell and flavour to uplift both mind and body, as well contributing to wider wellbeing. We innovate to make people happy, focusing on every step of the coffee journey, from bean to cup.

  2. 2. Contribution to a global society

    We continue to be creative and innovative, in order to fulfill our responsibility to the global community to be a sustainable business. We do this through serving coffee, which is a gift from the sun and the earth, to people around the world now and in future generations. To achieve these goals, we contribute to improving the environment and conditions in which our coffee is produced, as well as building a more sustainable society.

  3. 3. Moving forward with ambition

    We always move forward. We act promptly. We have high ambitions and a broad point of view. We are not afraid of failure, and we continue to take risks to achieve our goals, however challenging they are. We believe that valuing everyone’s enthusiasm enables growth both of the individual and the group.

  4. 4. Collaboration and co-creation

    We consult, communicate, and report. Respecting and understanding each other leads to better teamwork. We maximize the group’s value by working and creating together, collaborating and partnering with stakeholders to co-create positive impacts. We enjoy our work every day, and such daily contribution makes today’s UCC group.

  5. 5. Ethics and responsibility

    We are proud of our high ethical principles. We aim to be one of the most trusted businesses in the global coffee industry by conducting business responsibly and communicating with stakeholders appropriately. We value trust and credibility, and always act with integrity.