Like ripples across water, a single coffee bean holds incredible power.

Through the energy it sparks, the creativity it inspires – coffee brings life and vitality to the world.
In quiet times of reflection and precious moments of connection, it makes us calm.
Through its unique aromas and flavour, it stirs our senses, helping us to experience the joy in each moment and appreciate life to its fullest.

As the original Japanese coffee innovators, we focus on everything about coffee. We believe it can be a powerful force for good. With each flavourful cup, we enrich people’s lives – helping to create a better world for the people and communities we serve.

Bringing joy to people everywhere, our coffee keeps the world smiling, so we seek to perfect and elevate the experience, culture and happiness it creates.

From the very beginning, it’s been our duty, our passion, our meaning in life. It’s our love.