VisionSustainability Vision

Powering positive change with coffee.

CHAPTER 01 Setting out our direction

We understand that the world faces many challenges. Climate change, environmental risks, human rights and social inequalities are big issues for businesses to address.

We have designed the UCC Sustainability Direction though a detailed process, which has included talking to our people and stakeholders, analysing risks and trends and considering those material issues and challenges that are most relevant to our business.

These issue areas have been prioritised and organised in our materiality matrix as shown below, helping to inform our strategy, goals and actions of our renewed direction.

CHAPTER 02 Identifying the most relevant issues

Using the materiality matrix of the most important issues, we assessed and determined the challenges required prioritisation and immediate action within the UCC Group.

We’ve chosen to focus our efforts on the challenges where we think we can make the most difference. These areas form the basis of our plan outlined below.

  • Initiatives for
    protecting forests/
  • Actions for
    preventing climate
  • Initiatives for
    enriching the lives of
    farming communities

CHAPTER 03 Introducing our framework

Our sustainability framework is an easy-to-understand outline of our global direction. It is our roadmap to achieve a sustainable future, powering our two key ambition to help people flourish and nature thrive. We have laid out the details of what we hope to achieve and the year that we hope to achieve them by for each item in this UCC Sustainability Direction.

Sustainability Framework

  • Carbon Neutral 2040 &
    Nature Positive

    #Climate Change #Carbon
    #Biodiversity #Forests #Water

  • 100% Sustainably
    Sourced UCC branded
    coffee by 2030

    #Farmer Livelihoods #Traceability
    #Human Rights

  • Have a significant positive
    impact on society through
    Health and Education by 2030

    #Health #Education

Vision Powering positive change
with coffee

Coffee is not just a simple bean.
It connects us with farming communities, our customers, and society; and it gives us the energy, focus and inspiration to act. In every moment, coffee has the potential to power positive change in the world.
UCC Sustainability Direction is our roadmap to achieve a sustainable future, powering our ambition to help people flourish and nature thrive. Through sustainable sourcing, promoting health and education, protecting
the environment, and becoming carbon-neutral, our commitments will transform our sustainability vision into reality.

We know we’ve a long way to go, and we can’t achieve everything by ourselves. That’s why we will engage with our colleagues and partners every step of the way – knowing that as we make this journey together,
UCC Sustainability Direction will deliver a positive impact for our business, our stakeholders, society and nature. A future where people, planet and coffee prosper together.
So coffee really isn’t just a simple bean – it gives us the power to build a better world.

CHAPTER 04 Driving our sustainability direction.

We have established a system of governance for carefully monitoring progress at the group level based on the path we have set for our sustainability initiatives. Our Global Sustainability Senior Committee meets monthly, ensuring awareness of issues and commitment to solutions at executive level. In addition, we carry out semi-annual management report meetings with core business companies in order to further promote sustainability activities across the group as a whole.

Our Global Sustainability Senior Committee comprises of company directors responsible for our operations in Japan, Europe, and Asia, which form the main areas of business for the UCC Group. To achieve the objectives in sustainability we have laid out, we evaluate the progress of our efforts and lead the way in taking swift action to address any challenges that may arise.

Holding monthly governance meetings and half yearly sessions with our CEO and Board ensures sustainability is in our DNA at all levels.

UCC Japan represents our Japan businesses.
UCC Japan takes the lead in formulating the Group's sustainability strategy, managing the progress of goals and implementing the actions relevant to the Japanese markets it operates in, which contribute to our Group goals.
UCC Europe represents our European businesses, based in UK & Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Spain. UCC Europe takes the lead in implementing sustainability actions relevant to the European markets it operates in, which contribute to our Group goals.
UCC Asia Pacific represents our Asia Pacific businesses, based in Singapore. UCC Asia Pacific takes the lead in implementing sustainability actions relevant to the markets it operates in, which contribute to our Group goals.

CHAPTER 05 Promoting sustainability measures across our value chain.

From countries where coffee is produced to countries where it is consumed, the coffee industry features an incredibly extensive value chain at its core.
UCC Group is involved in every stage of the value chain, working to implement sustainability-focused measures at multiple engagement points. Some of our initiatives from Japan are outlined here.

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  1. 01 Production Country

    • Environmentally-focused activities at directly-managed estates (Jamaica/Hawaii)
    • Belete-Gera Forest Conservation Project (Ethiopia)
    • UCC Quality Contests (Vietnam and 6 other countries)
    • Rwanda JICA One Village One Product Project
    • Bourbon Pointu Revitalization Project (Reunion Island)
    • Development and cultivation of UCC’s natural half caffeine coffee Laurina (Brazil)
  2. 02 Material Procurement

    • Promoting the sourcing of raw materials with a focus on sustainability and quality
    • Working with Certifications for procurement including Rainforest Alliance, ICWA (Japan) and other industry schemes.
    • Implementing a code of conduct for suppliers (Japan, Europe)
  3. 03 Importation/Inspection

    • Acceptance inspections for all imported lots of raw beans by coffee appraisers at the Quality Assurance Department (Japan)
    • Quality assurance inspections for every bag of raw beans to be accepted at any UCC factory (Japan)
    • Thorough quality inspections for each manufacturing process at our factories
  4. 04 Research & Development

    • Various types of research activities at our Research Department
    • Research into the health benefits behind coffee ingredients
    • Manufacturing of products with resource-conserving packaging
  5. 05 Roasting & Processing

    • Acquisition of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System at our main factories (Asia & some European sites)
    • Introduction of our Aromaster energy-saving roasting machine (Japan)
    • Effective use of coffee grounds (business cards, biomass boilers, closed-loop recycling) (Japan)
  6. 06 Sales & Consumption

    • UCC coffee museum (Japan)
    • UCC Coffee Academy to educate students (Asia & part of Europe)
    • Factory tours at select UCC factories
    • Educational initiatives at junior high & high school (Japan)
    • Online SDGs seminars (Japan)
    • Diet display cartons (Japan)

CHAPTER 06 At UCC, we are committed to helping people flourish and nature thrive as we work to create a better world for all.

Coffee is a gift of nature, and its production is engaged in by various people from countries the world over. As a result, coffee production is intricately connected to climate change as well as to various social issues.
By advancing measures in sustainability, the UCC Group is working to help solve these issues along with other challenges we face.