Instant Coffee

Featuring items like The Blend, a flavorful instant coffee item prepared from carefully roasted coffee beans. The resulting taste is so good, you would think you were having a cup of fresh drip coffee.

Carefully selected green coffee beans are roasted using the foremost blending expertise to develop this popular and flavorful instant coffee that tastes almost exactly like ground coffee.
Drawing on the expertise of UCC craftspeople, we have developed this everyday coffee.
Delicious decaffeinated coffee
that makes coffee lovers happy.
Comforting warmth and style.
The healing taste of coffee.
UCC's long-selling instant coffee product brings coffee to you everywhere, at any time. Enjoy at home or on the go.
Offered in a cup variety that includes milk, sugar, and stirrers, and a stick type for quick serving.
A lactobacillus latte that cares for your body without changing the taste of your regular latte.