Implementing a Nature-positive Approach towards 2040

  1. CHAPTER 01UCC's Declaration on Biodiversity (Japan)

  2. CHAPTER 02Action Plan

CHAPTER 01UCC's Declaration on Biodiversity (Japan)

Taking Creative Action to Protect Biodiversity through Coffee

Our aim is to have a positive impact on nature, through investing in nature-based projects and solutions which help protect nature, forests and resources in coffee-growing landscapes and support resilient communities.


Creating Environmentally-friendly Estates
Through the conservation of soil and water resources, we work to create environmentally-friendly estates where a diverse range of organisms can coexist. We then communicate the initiatives of our directly-managed estates to coffee-producing regions around the world.
Bringing UCC's intention to life
We use environmentally-friendly coffee ingredients and create products that foster an interest in and understanding of our planet's biodiversity within our daily lives.
Working for the Future
With eyes set on the future, we are working to develop ecologically-friendly coffee varieties, protect endangered species, and secure a stable supply of safe and delicious coffee you can trust.
Encouraging Deeper Understanding
To ensure both our customers and employees recognise the importance of biodiversity, we actively communicate with all stakeholders using coffee as our medium.

CHAPTER 02Action Plan

As part of our nature-positive strategy planning, we will collaborate with external organisations, while looking into future actions for the UCC Group as a whole to take.

By the end of 2022, we will finish both selecting our partners and examining key areas for action. Once complete, we will then implement a set of concrete actions to be taken based on the strategy developed.

Action Plan

  • 2022年

    Nature-positive deciding our strategy and key areas for action

    We will consider and appoint expert advisors to help us examine what type of positive impact we can have on the environment leading up to 2030. We will also look into the effects of this impact as well as target levels for our objectives.

  • 2022〜2023年

    Surveys and quantifying impact

    We will formulate an Agri Research Plan that includes SMART targets related to our 2030 objectives. We will also verify the impact of trees on our coffee estates for reducing greenhouse gases, while using external data and remote sensing during proof of concept exercises.

  • 2023〜2025年

    Implementing concrete actions as part of our nature-positive approach

    We will partner with trading companies and other external organisations in formulating and implementing programs in coffee-producing countries that will lead to the protection of our planet's biodiversity and forests.

Helping Nature Thrive