Lead the creation of the value of coffee for health,
contribute to the health of people around the world.


We aim to maximise the potential of coffee to provide for the health
and happiness of everyone involved with coffee, from producers to consumers.
Contributing to the health of people around the world through coffee,
and realising our Purpose: "Unlocking the power of coffee for a better world".

Target: By 2030, contribute to the health of people around the world through 300 million cups per year and sales of 15 billion yen in "the coffee x health" field.

We have been delivering delicious coffee to as many people as possible, anytime, anywhere.
Today, coffee has become a much-loved drink around the world. People's health consciousness is growing significantly,
we hope to lead the way in creating new value for coffee as a health drink and to have a major impact on society.

UCC has been involved in research and development specialising in coffee for more than 50 years,
since establishing its own research department in 1969 and pursing various possibilities related to coffee and health.

However, we believe that coffee still has many undiscovered health values.
Not only functional foods, but also coffee that accompanies diversifying lifestyles, such as decaffeinated coffee.
We will continue to contribute to the health of people around the world through coffee.

Promotion of basic research on health benefits of coffee

Coffee contains many ingredients that are good for health. We do research related to the health effects of the various components of the coffee, not only the coffee bean but also the fruit and leaves, and the technology for efficiently extracting those components.

Focusing on good taste
Development and sales of coffee with high health value

Through research into coffee and health and the technologies and production methods we have developed over many years, we aim to deliver delicious coffee with high health value to customers around the world.

Accompanying diversifying lifestyles
Development and sales of products

Like decaffeinated coffee, we will deliver products that allow people to freely enjoy delicious coffee according to their mood, scene or stage of life.

Helping People Flourish