Exhibition Room Guide

The museum is structured such that each exhibition room from 1 to 6 can be seen in order while descending a gentle slope after getting off the escalator.

Exhibition Room 1


The magnificent history of coffee from when it was first discovered in Ethiopia to when it became a beverage loved throughout the world is introduced here.

Exhibition Room 2


Coffee trees are grown carefully. View the process of coffee making from growing of coffee trees to when harvested coffee become green beans.

Exhibition Room 3


Centering on Brazilian coffee classification that involves strict inspection of aroma and taste, the process taken for the green coffee beans to reach consumer countries is introduced.

Exhibition Room 4


This corner introduces the process from roasting and blending of green beans to when they are processed as a product we are all familiar with in a manner that is easy to understand.

Exhibition Room 5


Various ways to enjoy coffee are introduced here from basics of making good coffee to original menus.

Exhibition Room 6


Coffee has appeared on stamps, in music and even in novels. Enjoy the culture of coffee that surrounds our lives.

UCC History

This corner allows you to view the history of UCC including nostalgic products of the past.

Coffee and Health

Healthy ways to enjoy good coffee. This corner provides information helpful for a healthy life.

Coffee and Environment

Coffee making that is friendly to the people and environment and the deodorizing effects of coffee extracts are introduced here.

Coffee Quiz Q&A Corner

Challenge the quiz related to the museum exhibits to receive a Coffee Doctor Certificate with your photo.